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Al Sanea Cleaning & Contracting Co is committed to maintaining a safe, clean environment. Solid waste pollution has become an issue of increasing concern to the civilized world. It is an unavoidable by-product of modern development. Every urban facility, be it an industrial complex, holiday resort or shopping mall generates waste. Left unattended, it could lead to environmental disasters. It was this environmental concern that provided the impetus..

success stories
ALSANEA CLEANING & CONTRACTING CO, obtained this skill from "Liblang" company in western Germany representing the Olympic game village in the year 1982, and this certificate is considered one our best achievements along the previous years, whereas through this work it has been enabled by the engineers, technicians and workers related to our establishment to open a new market advanced in services of cleanness, and the continuity of customers contracting with us since more than twenty years is the best proof on the same" and we are witnessed by the customers and administrators to deal well with each other, and in terms of confidence and honesty and transparency.

Relentlessly to realize our vision. For the future, we envision full refuse recycling programs being implemented throughout the Arabian Gulf and Middle East. This will generate a host of environmental, financial and social benefits
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