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Welcome to Al Sanea Cleaning & Contracting Company, it was specialized in the field of cleaning with an objective to maintain the environment with rich information and experience to provide varied uses which is proper with our specification in providing our best efficiencies.

AL SANEA CLEANING & CONTACTING CO., Kuwait was established in 1978. We are the third license on the level of Kuwaiti under license No.: 1503

The AL SANEA CLEANING & CONTACTING CO., is one of the pioneering establishments in state of Kuwait. As we have a manpower for carrying out what ascribed to us efficiently and equipped with equipments, machines and materials necessary for enabling us in full manner; we also believe the philosophy of full service through the technological skills and employees trained on the highest level experience and knowledge and production in work, and this is evidenced and interpreted through the companies willing to deal with us.

We strive to create a mutually beneficial environment for our Clients and Principals by providing high added value services and innovative solutions, while maintaining our high standards of integrity and professionalism and constantly improving the quality of our work and services.
As we view the future we intend to expand our horizons through market diversification, strategic alliances and international expansion.